Terms and Conditions

The Babyghost official online store is one of four online store directly operated by the Babyghost brand (the other three being the Babyghost Taobao store, Babyghost Tmall store, and Babyghost JD.com store).

The Babyghost online store is positioned as retailing Babyghost products to personal customers within China and overseas. The store adheres to the Babyghost brand's sales policy for the Chinese and international market. Products from the store may not be resold, in any form, in China or abroad.

The following circumstances are considered indicative of resale behavior and may result in suspension of the sale and delivery of Babyghost products:

  • Unusually large single orders (of a value exceeding RMB 50,000 or USD 8,000) or multiple separate orders of a similar product (i.e. the same style in different colors and sizes).
  • Use of the same ID or multiple IDs to repeatedly (three or more times) buy similar products within a short time period, all of which have the same delivery address.
  • Sale and delivery will be refused to customers who use the discounts available through their Advanced or Premium membership to buy goods on behalf of others. 

The store re serves the right to, at its sole discretion, to refuse to place any product order.






  • 单笔订单数量金额较大(超过5万元人民币或8000美元)且买多个相同产品(同款式的各种颜色及各种尺码)。
  • 短时间内用单一ID或多个ID内重复(达到三次或以上)购买相同产品,且收货地址相同。
  • 本店将针对购买人利用本店高级及以上级别会员折扣为他人代购的行为,拒绝提供销售及发货服务。


Product Quality

We strive to ensure impeccable product quality. All of the products retailed on the official Babyghost online store undergo strict quality checks and are re-inspected a by a professional operative prior to shipment. However, we cannot completely rule out the possibility that some products may contain subtle blemishes or minor discrepancies in certain details resulting circumstances beyond our control. We ask that customers check their products as soon as possible after receiving them; if they discover any of the aforementioned issues, we request that they refrain from washing or using the products and immediately contact us so that we can provide a solution. Don't worry - we promise to replace all products affected by quality issues. Please decline delivery of orders with damaged packaging. If you accept delivery, products and packaging will be considered to have arrived undamaged and we will have no way of holding the delivery company responsible.




Product Images

All images on our website are taken of actual products. We strive to ensure the accuracy of all images, but as a result of objective factors including lighting and the different specifications of computer monitors, it is possible that there may be minor discrepancies between the image and actual product, for we apologize. The color of the actual delivered product shall prevail in the event of any dispute.




Product Sizes

Detailed dimensions are provided for all the products on sale in our store. However, everyone varies in the way they measure themselves, so we advise allowing for approximately 2-4cm difference. Customers are requested to carefully read the product dimension chart and product description. You welcome to request the advice of one of our customer service representative - but ultimately it is your responsibility to confirm the size you'd like.




Product Packaging

Product packaging is selected based on the individual requirements of each order. Packaging may also contain promotional materials or other gifts. They are inserted on a first come, first serve basis and depend on what promotion we are holding at the time - so we apologize in advance if you were expecting to receive promotional materials or other gifts and don't.





We follow a system in which stock in our warehouse is picked for delivery once customer payment has been completed, rather than once the customer has clicked the Order button. As a result, for items that we only keep a very small number of in stock, customers who click the Order button but wait a long time before advancing to the payment stage may find that they are unable to complete payment procedures; that's because the item has already been allocated to another customer who completed order procedures more quickly. At this time, please be aware that the stock will have already been sold out or is now temporarily out of stock.

To help customers avoid this kind of situation, our store offers a reserve service: if you would like to reserve an item, please be sure to make it clear to your customer service representative that you wish to purchase the item but are unable to immediately pay for it, after which he/she will make sure that it is held for you. Items will only be held for 24 hours, after which they will be re-released for sale - so please make sure you are able pay within that time period when reserving goods.





Delivery details

Under normal circumstances, Babyghost will organize delivery within 48 hours of payment.

If you still haven't received confirmation of dispatch following a long period of time, it may be due to the following issues:

  • Information about the delivery address recipient or the contact telephone number has been filled out incorrectly. We suggest checking yourself and, if you discover an error, immediately correcting it.
  • The delivery driver was unable to contact you after arriving at your address, in which case your parcel was returned and re-processed.

If you'd like to check the current status of your delivery, you can inquire online with one of our customer service representatives or track your order using the delivery code we gave to you. Customers are able to choose their preferred delivery company from a list of options. If the delivery company you have chosen is unable to deliver to the address you have provided, we will choose another alternative on your behalf. If none of the other delivery companies are able to deliver to that address, one of our customer service representatives will contact you via telephone or e-mail in order to arrange a solution.




- 收货地址、收货人、联系电话等信息填写有误,建议自行进行核实,如有错误请及时更正;

- 快递送货上门,但一直未能与您取得联系,包裹将会被退回,并重新进行处理。


Price Details

Shopping cart prices: Please be aware that changes may occur to the price of an item during the time between adding it to your shopping cart and completing payment. This could be the result of a sales promotion or other factors. The actual price of the item should be taken as the price that appears during the final stage of payment.

Discounts: Customers with different levels of membership are entitled to a corresponding discount. They can also pay with coupons or membership points instead of money. However, please note that in these circumstances customers are required to enter a promotional code or select the appropriate option.